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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WHere is home?

where do i feel home? as in where is my comfort spot. well, the at engineering field, it don seem like home. yes, its good to be an engineer, a proffesional job. you can say it out loud to others "am an ENGINEER", but personally, its not my kinda thing. i mean, i don see myself dealing with circuits, and whole bunch of calculation mambo jambo.i know a few of my friends too feels the same. but why we are still here? for my case, well, the boss, the parents. i know some might say its my future, but its not as easy as that. when it comes to parents, certain things for sure will go their way, and leave us kids with no choice at all.

why do we study extra hard when we know we gonna work for somebody. everything is business. no matter if you work for Trump, Microsoft, your Intel, or Infieon, you still work for someone, and in the end, what matters is PROFIT. as meterialistic as that sounds, thats the harsh reality. and obviously the CEO will most likely be the one from the business background. yes the truth sucks. as we can see here in MMu, where the management student are very carefree, and have plenty of free time, while us engin student having a living hell. in the end, they will be our bosses. YES, am sure there are CEO's that are not from business background, but what about the majority? look at Tony Fernandes, he don need to be a pilot to run an airline.and yet makes great profit.thing is, he know the trade, he know the business trend, he knows what people want, and he knows the statergy to cash in the profit. and this is all been taught in business school. does he need to know how the airplane fly? he will just hire engineers to do maintainance for his fleet of planes. the best that his money can buy.

of course some might argue, hey look at bill gates. he create windows and microsoft, and now one of the richest man in the world. but take a look at the top 10 richest man in the world, how many like bill gates create something?

it might sound money minded with all this profit talks, but why do we study so hard? why our parents work hard? why some might lose it all-including bod just to get a promotion? is to earn the cash. for a piece of paper, money do really carry a LOT of weight.


Kok Jin said...

if you don't like working for other ppl then open your own company and work hard on it, dude.

dare to think !!

julian said...

i keep my cards close to my chest :p, its all time