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Friday, April 18, 2008

stroll on brats lane

the invite

saturday morning rain is not pouring.. hardly catch a deep sleep last nite. been waking up trying cimb clicks.anyhoo, today is shopping day for prom.prom which is tomorrow. kinda to think bout it, i got another mail, asking to do some charity job @ the children hospital. as some might not belive i am a shy boy, i bet lots wont belive i love to help too.the sad thing is, brat's always have an event that is near my exams or when am not free, for example the home coming camp where only selected members from each camp they conduct throughout the year gathers, ahh... such exclusiveness, as asst.editor i was selected that year,anyhow i gave my seat to Madeline. and now,as much i would like to join the activities i been forced to withdraw to avoid trouble. i have a lovely time in Penang,except maybe i should mingle more with the others, instead, of not getting distracted.lots of friends i've made, tho none as close as b4.i had my fun,and best of all,even my craziest idea or suggestion, had a serious consideration from everyone.though some of you like Josephine already in Aussie, or Cav might go to US, and Jc busy working for Klue, somehow hope to meet with all of u one day..

Julians and cathrines

matt,the roommate.Penang-free school student

farah,melanie and hoong

the metals and the magnet =p

already a celeb status? =p

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