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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1 more the guys

" the girl normally change things and create the prob in a relationship" i heard that before, and today i heard that again, to my suprise, girls are the one telling me.diff people, but same thinking. what happen to those that we see, guys with mistress the flirticious one, the one that is not loyal, feels like it just how people wants to potray that on soaps. yes, i cant generalize it, and every guy/girl relationship is based on case to case.

but, is there some truth to the statement? is the guy who is bored or it just an excuse for the girl who is actually the one who is bored to scout around, to find a so called better one. and in a case of a break up, of course as a nature of the world, the world would take on the girl side and take pity for her, and the guy seems like he world's most guilty person, or like hitler.

what is a "better" choice? is it the CGPA's? money? overseas education? good looking? bad boys? well, money, CGPA, overseas education, that does put a lot of weight into the guy's profile. BUT, how can u tell one's future when he is at his 20's or 30's? how many bill gates are there? i mean, one can be a bum NOW, but hey, life is funny, that bum you see 10 years ago might be a CEO by then, and your so called "better" choice or prince charming, well, can be the bum's worker. who can really tell rite? good looking and sweet talking might just be another reason for girls to fall and consider that as a "better" choice.well, maybe not all the girls. maybe the current bf might sometimes be green of envy, or not all that you expect and not perfect or good enough for you, to be happy and proud of to tell your family and friends, but me myself personally belive that as long as someone treat you with a sincere heart that is good enough, but i know, some might be more demanding than me, as some girls would make a car as a requirement for a bf, or fancy dining etc. but i guess that my own opinion, if others would want to have more demand, just cant help it lah...

money sometimes can make one blind.even rich people sometimes want their daughter to marry a rich guy, from a well to do family.generally, rich people are more luckier than others, like the sayin goes "born with a silver spoon" i mean they have have access to lots of things, even they have the look. like "rich" people look. clean shaved, perfectly pluck eye brow, and hair that matches their look. sound oh so dreamy rite girls? instead of the not so rich one that have unorganised hairdo, scar at their face, and dark skin, just like some indon factory worker.

lots say the guy who is afraid to commit. but if the girls are the one scouting around, what a guy are suppose to do?as we can see, not all, but some guys go great length just to put the smile on the gf face. i mean, realisticly, if you are a florist, would you offer a bouquet of roses on valentine to a girl to buy or a guy? or do you see any girls ditch their friend to be with their bf? instead the bf are the one missed the yam cha session with the guys just to accomodate. its not a rant, i mean, its like a second nature to guy to ditch their friends appointment, and their friends would certainly understand, but after all that we all do, do we get appreciated?even if we go and fetch your younger siblings, to win their small heart, while you out with some other guys or with your best friends. to put it on paper is it fair? and the funny part is, girls want equal rights?be fair to us guys and we all play fair too.

guys ego. everytime there is an agruement between guys and girls, for sure the girl would say " he have so much of ego, for not wanting to apologise" but, seriously, if the girls are the one merajuk-ing, aren't we guys the one that pujuk? or even if an arguement where we are so RIGHT, we are the one who pick up the phone to apologise first? and how is that "guy" ego? to be fair again, guy/girls are human, both make mistakes sometimes along the way, but do girls apologise ar?

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