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Thursday, April 17, 2008

World Earth Day‏

remember the KL freeze @ pavillion?
well, in conjunction of world's earth day, its happening again, these are the details for those who are interested

Freeze for: 5 minutesFreeze
at : 8pm
When : Sunday 20th April
Where : Sunway Pyramid

but the twist it:

"Have sunglasses on and a paper fan to symbolise global warming, Freeze with a group of people picking up litter to symbolise the pollution, or with a flourescent light bulb to symbolise saving energy, with an LRT ticket/on a bicycle to symbolise means of transportation which will help reduce CO2 emissions. Or perhaps with a face mask on to symbolise air pollution, or with a crushed hair spray aerosol bottle to symbolise anti-CFC releasing products. Or you can even Freeze with a plant/small tree in a pot with a bandage around the stem/trunk to "save a tree"."

its for a good cause, so come lets promote and most important implement what we are promoting which is saving the world from disastor.too bad i'll be at prom, but, those who are free, do please spend some time, plus am sure it be a great fun.oh ya, you MIGHT, have your pics taken and published in a majot local newspaper.

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