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Saturday, April 19, 2008

enchanted night preview

the papers that carries a lots of weight,rm 890 to be exact

prom in a few hours.since its 2am now and i planning to sleep late as there is nothing to do in the morning and afternoon, unless teman-ing my hsemate go cut hair la. anyhow, this can be said my frist official prom. i mean normally i just go to others, and be partner. but now for ONCE i can say, its MY prom. the first prom i went, was HELP's license to thrill a level's prom.with the sayang, ashley.i still remember once i arrived at roma termini which something like our Kl sentral where the train from the airport stops. i went suit hunting right away. in the end got at the mall at Florence. well, this time around, i got a set of cufflings from Roaul. thanks to my mom who was unusually generous that day :p

"so who u bringing as partner ar?" got asked that a few time after people know am going to prom. well, i once told her "you will ONLY b my partner", so as she is far away in nott, i will b flying solo that night with the company of my friends where we had our table. all 10 of us.which is not that bad as many would have the idea, a guy MUST have a partner for prom. which personally i think is wrong as we also can have fun with frens cant we?

i won't dance,
don't ask me
I won't dance madame with you
My heart won't let my feet do things that they should do..
I won't dance, merci beacoup.

the song have a catchy tune to it don you think?do hope things go smoothly and most important of all everyone have a great time. till den, am singing out!

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