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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

vivid dream/ nightmare

" he look at his phone, its 13 june 2008. and its 7 A.m. today is the day. he got a match today. his first fight. he drag himself to the kickboxing ring. his opponent on that day is,a super fit chinese dude with various of experience. its a battle of david vs goliath. as soon as the bell rang, his face was greeted by crosses and jabs he was trashed. kick to his rib, and to his mid section, but he is determined to stay up.one lucky break he got, when he able to catch his opponent's leg when being attacked, and he quickly kick his opponent's standing leg with all his might, lucky for him, his opponent twisted his leg and cant compete no more.

no doubt he was hurt badly. but he put on a brave face and quickly rush to the airport. his fren drove him there right from the ring. he tried to hide the bruises and cuts. he waited at the arrival hall. suddenly a lady pulled him and say something harsh to him and the lady don't want to ever see him again. he collapse. its because the internal injury his suffered, his mouth is full of blood spilling out, right after the lady tell him off. his fren who drove him there quickly rushed to him, and yelled at the lady "this is all YOUR fault and YOUR doing, he is like this now,instead of getting mad at you, he punished himself. are you happy now?!" the crowd of people gather and the ambulance came. the lady disappear to her family.while he was rushed into the ambulans, she walked out of the arrival gate and was greeted by the lady. she wonder where is he. he is not there, so she guess, that he don care anymore. her mind started to lingering to singapore, where she spend her holidays with the person from singapore and they flew back to south east asia togather along with her tot of visiting another one at sarawak. as she think back all the happy memories she had during her holiday, the ambulans with him inside take over her car and rushed to the nearest hospital. in the end, he the chances of telling her how he felt,faded slowly as his blood and oxygen level decrease sharply......"

he woke up, holding his kickboxing gloves, with a sigh of relieve its only some crazy dream.

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