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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

low key for prom

well, the enchanted night is not up to the par. sorry to say that, and to critize can be harsh if you are the one organising the prom, but hope, there are room to improve ya?

  • not organise. the VIP, is lost at the stage, is such an emberessment for him. why not have an usherer with him to accompany him from his seat, untill he seat down again after the speech? the coordination of the emcee and the time the food is serve is OFF!

  • do we really need a break dancing gang to perform?use that money and hire Sierra lah. they are the only good performer that night. PG165? they just average.and really nobody need them to jam while we eating dinner. a dinner suppose to be calm and peaceful not listening to some dude, screaming their lungs out. " dinner suppose to be jazzy"-asst director prom, melaka 08.and why the band end so fast? arent the event says the dance floor open till 12? we paid not to dance to some song played by the laptop!

  • since when prom be a chinese wedding dinner? hire at least and interesting emcee, to get the crowds attention instead of them "yam seng"-ing during speech, which is a bit rude. and the performance is not interesting thus, people are busy cam-whoring instead of listening to the song.
  • i know lots been complaining bout the food, but i don have any. i mean, i don have a very high hope. as if you really wanted to go for chinese meals, must go to a real chinese restaurant. maybe their western is 5star, but not chinese i suppose.and the waitress with lots of "excuse me" probably they are trained to be polite to guest but not trained to cut the fish i suppose.

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Kok Jin said...

don't be so choosy la. wait till 1 day you become committee then you know. haha.