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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

against the odd

"am walking in the rain... what a glorious feeling..." thats the song lah, it was raining just now, so decided to leave the library with wai luen and yee kean, as wai luen gonna go home, and before i stuck at the library till midnight coz the rain don seem to stop, it seems like a good idea, to follow them back.thanks wai luen.

walking in the rain have lots of flasback of a memory. one of it, is when one of fat chinese fren, come to the class with the gossip of the day. " eh, they all walk in the rain, and play play in the rain during the sport practise" was at wat? form 1 or 2? i just laugh it of with a smile on my face while non of them could see, my fist, are ready to pounce in anger, but that time it was just one way i suppose.thus, thats nothing much i could do that time, though now its diff.

against all odd- the song that been playing so frequently on my i-pod lately, over and over again.

You're the only one
Who really knew me at all
So take a look at me now
'Cause there's just an empty space
And you coming back to me,
is against the odds
And that's what i gotta face..
the song too have another fond memories. the first time i heard it,when i bought westlife's coast to coast album from the road side at gurney, and after that, quickly run up the apartment and put it in the player, i still remember how my lil cousin complain on why i keep on playing the song over and over again, while i stayed at the balcony enjoying the breeze from the nearby beach,while my mind flying elsewhere, thinking of...
some odd are almost impossible to overcome, especially when its out of our hand. but maybe is what we do to make the odd go higher and higher.just like me, stacking the odd higher for my own self. i got nobody to blame BUT myself, for everything that have happened. the fingers are on me, and also the blame on me.
don we always think we are good?i mean, we might think we are better than others.for example, i think that noobody else wanted to be a pilot as bad as i do, but when i go for the interview test, there are lots other that know more about planes than me. as for today presentation, i don think i did good enough. i mean i always tot of presenting some paper work next time in the working world, and good presentation skills can be very useful, thus, tone, body language and all that plays huge role, and today, i don think am anywhere near, to impress Trump or anybody.
wonder when will the odd getting lesser and lesser. the harder i try, the greater the odds.but hey, you bring it all to yourself, nobody to blame but yourself- thats wat i alaways try to remind me.

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