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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

c'mon United!

clash of the titan. even though its just the semis, it appears to be a great match on paper, but what happen in the Nou Camp, is FAR from it. Man u should be more attacked minded this time. judging from the matches after the arsenal victory, United seems to be more negative, they are not their usual self free-flow attacking side like they used to be.no matter how the pundit predict how United have the advantage going in, in a 0-0 draw, i think its more of a disadvantage. i mean even if the score is 1-1 at Old Trafford, United will be knocked out due to the away goal rule. United have missed out the chance to attack at Spain, as away goal are so important, instead of a "proffessional" display. well, it all will b unveiled tonight who will go to Moscow. Hope the spirit of 99 will inspire everyone, and hope the players don get carried away in the league as well. As Liverpool never learn, the league is the bread and butter.
no more misses tonight eh? Mr. PFA of the year.

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