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Monday, April 21, 2008


prom was last nite.although everyone or just me, was tired.really tired.as arrived late and need wake up early for lab. no, there was no alcohol, but i feel wasted and tired.and a tiny bit cold. the whole thing started on saturday.


kok jin@ peaCock, juen jie and kean + me went to 1u. as they all need get their prom attire.walk around 1u, searchin for what is needed.the shopping stops for a while when we fill our tummy at nandos.

we catch a movie after that. "escape from huang shi" featuring chow yun fat, michelle yeoh,jonathan reese myhrs. its based on a true story of a journalist's life while he diggin for story at china during the japanese invasion.

after getting all the clothes and shoes, we went to visit the reptile exhibit. left 1u for puchong to eat hawker as dinner, then we went to the marriot hotel to find the way for sunday night.


at lunch, P cock Jin, waiting to go to get a hair cut. Juen jie n kean n kok jin getting their hair done. we met shereen and kim @ Mc D, as P cock, havent taken his lunch.kim and shereen is waiting for their make up artise to come to kim's place to help them for the night. so we went to the nearby Jusco as a Saloon was there. we decide to drop by kim's place which is so nearby to see what they look like. eric and all kim's housemate as there too.as i TRY to be nice that nite, i wont want to say anything. we left and i catch a few wings. den wai luen come over while pei se, fresh from melaka's make up place. already waiting at guard house.

kean and JJ(further) getting their hair cut

frank-en-foong in the making

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