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Thursday, April 17, 2008

love for jazz

assignment is DONE!! hopefully, don have any last minutes changes. if all goes well, it means that this is the first time i don have to be awake till the next morning to finish it off. yay me!

anyways, today post is all that blues and jazz and some cabaret. maybe some might not know, i have a fancy to these kinda music. the prefered music to dance to instead of dj.teisto blasting almost all the club around the world, i would prefer more to the sax,some double bass play and some jazz singer,ahhhhhhhhhh........ just make me shake my legs. the age where marilyn monroe, use to rule, and the local club played by the likes of louis armstrong, and the dance are more decent than we have nowadays.

i cant remember when the first time i heard a jazz record but, the first live performance, i saw is at the JW marriot, KL. i was there for my birthday celebration, maybe around form 1? not that sure but i was young at the time, the the likes of linkin park, and eminem rule the airwave.thus, i am not expose that much to jazz music. till, i heard jane monheit's duet with micheal buble. of course, before that michael buble's hit like the cover version of "come fly with me" was a big hit for me. somehow, muscic lidat just make me tap my legs, move my shoulder, and sometimes hip. the syok-ness i found in the long note of the trumpet, or the double bass playing as the background, and the brush hitting on the drum, such relaxing feeling.

for prom, i wish that i went to the o5 prom at MMu, where Lin, the director of the event told me, she hired a 3 or 5 piece jazz band.ahh.. classy-ness. too bad i wasnt in MMu that time. for prom this time, am not too sure bout the music, but the biasa teens band music shall be the music i assume, but than again i could be wrong.

the sad reality is, jazz singer hardly visit Malaysia to have concert.mostly they will be at the states or some part of europe. the crave of wanting to go to NY, just like the movie " the terminal' or they say, New orleans is the house of blues. anyhow, a chance to catch, buble or jane monheit at least ONCE in my life will be like a dream come true. or Tony Bannet would be great too.jazz bar, or longue is not much that i heard of here. maybe sometimes alexis at ampang. or the italian restaurant @ the royale bintang at bukit bintang.

oh well, guess i should stop dreaming of it that much while trying to listen to more of Jane, that reminds me, i din get her latest album yet...shit, need save up and pay for the album instead of buying other things... kickboxing time!

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