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Saturday, May 3, 2008

low low low low

on my pervious post, "good things come to an end" i've said, how lucky i am during that past few days and how happy i was but am sure the bad things is around the corner, well, as funny as it sound, it does happen. past few days have been a disaster.

so much things happened. or too much. try having just to be able to sleep from 6am to just 9am. and then not having any apetite to eat. sigh.. this is the 2nd time it ever happen to me. altough the stress realease pills works for a fw hours, thank godness it stop the heart that cant stop beating like a bullet train.

no matter what my trouble is, i cant show it to my family. not because i have high ego but i just don't want them to worry. lots says, " don think nonsense, chill, finals is coming". though i try to hide it, i know my mom knows something is bugging me, she asked me to stay home instead of helping out with the shifting of the house. but i cant stay home, i cant even look at the notes.no mater how i tried to convince myself to not anything bug me from studies, but this time, its too much to handle.

"you changes a lot since BB days, more matured?" thats what Pei Ling said, a girl that knows me since form 1, the last time i met her, which is months ago. i took that as a compliment as she is known to be burtally honest.but, the past events that happening for the past day, shows that am still not there yet. maybe there are lots of miscomunication, but the damage is already done. time travel is something i wish for, but the reality is, it don exist.

the invite of goin on a 4 seater plane ride, should bring joy for me, as i might even be able to handle the plane for like 10 seconds will be great. but sigh..why am i like a ship that is lost n sinking ship at the middle of the great sea?

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