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Friday, May 9, 2008

happy mother's day

ash:"you not goin back this weekend?"

me:"no i got finals remember?"

ash: "but its mother's day! go back and celebrate with your mom!"

only i remembered mother's day is so near.

a happy mother's day to all the mother out there. and the soon to be mother. when we fight with our gf/ wife we often say " sigh, woman, such trouble" but woman is the almost perfect person that we can ever find in the world. am talking about in general. of course some can be a real B, but am sure the majority of them are not.

during this mother's day, i would like to give a big shout out for my mom. yes you Mrs. Gan. because i got a slight feeling that you might be reading this, i might be wrong. but oh well, am sorry i cant be celebrating with you this Mother's day, as you know am having exams, and am sure u don't want me be around as u wan me to prepare for finals.i hope the Shang trip will happen when am on my break and when "ko-ko" is back from Jb, no matter Shang, your home cook meal, or anything, as long as we are all togather right?

i know you have been looked down upon because, you are the only one without the degree, but what does a degree? only just a paper, because what you did through out your life cant be taught by any lecturer any where in the world. its not because you are dumb, in fact u are the smartest among all, its u that keep everyone on their feet, even if its with that annoying scolding, its you that keep the money so we can enjoy, can have holidays, can have what we want.even if we complain that u are cheap, everytime u object of eating out. if you don't save, there lots that we cant afford.

your sacrifice have gone way beyond words. you don buy those expensive clothes, you dont go into those designer shop, you refuse to get a car for yourself, why? because whatever you earn, you gave it ALL to us, and of course, you carry out your resposibility as a daughter, to support your mother.you always put others in front of you. yes there are time that i am not please with the decision you made for me, but as time goes on, i know thats the right one for me.

you always tell us, "remember! we are not rich" and " if you think you are great, there are lots others better than you" as a form to motivate us, to strive, to work harder, and to be succesful in life.success doesn't mean being a millionare, it means, having a steady life. although being a millionare is not something bad after all :p

even you don't climb high on the coperate laderas high of a director, even if when you nag nobody love to listen, even sometimes we don like when you veto our choices, but i know, everyone loves you. the reason is plain and simple, because you love us, and care about us.and anytime, i am proud to call you my mom.i love you, and am sorry for all my wrongs and only start appriciating you when days like this comes. happy mother's day.

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