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Friday, May 16, 2008

drama mama, its true!

these are 2 true stories about two person:

He was a player. he have more ex's than his finger can count, he is a good talker,clubs, smoke, porn, all he have done, and even have a condom around with hi, thats something for your own conclusion. but then he met her. all that changed. he trying his best to be a better person.turning a new leaf. he feels strongly about her. he even save up for a wedding!, no more smoking and all that, he gave it all up.he care for her beyond words, even travel up and down to spend time with her. he try to give his all for her. but due to twist of fate, she left after knowing this other guy.and the effect? he relaps, all his bad habit now coming back, his porn collection is larger than anyone's hard disc, he smoke like a chimney, haih... must it really be this way? of course he did some bad thing in the past, but he changed.he try to make it good, and yet...sigh.

another story is a bout a girl. the first i look, the impression was " another lala" but am really really glad that i've been proven wrong.instead, left me speechless and impressed. no i dont know her personally, but her life story can be impressive. she was born, a broken family, a single parent, young child, weak body, and always sick. in the hard time, money can be tough, thus working is a solution. the amazing part is, she can afford to buy her own car now. yes its no merc and all but its a decent sedan to move around. installment, downpayment, rising fuel price,all by working while still studying.i have my hat's off i have to say.but due to a failed relationship prob,she went into eating disorder and landed into the hospital.but its all good now.

** inconclusion, gossips are nice to hear.

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