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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do you believe in fate and destiny?

Do you know how much I care?

Words are left unspoken.

There is something between you and her.

Just because you dare not let your true feeling out from your heart, you've lost her.

Your heart is uneasy.

there is something missing and you have no idea what it is.

You was trying to tell her that, " I can bring you happiness "

You knew you can make her as the happiest lady on earth.

You knew you can do it.

You knew you can do it so much better compared to other guys out there.

You was waiting for the correct time and you never knew that the time was tickling it's way off.

It was just a call away for the girl to hear the words from the bottom of your heart. So close and yet so far for you to reach the key to her heart.

There are so many things which you dreamt to do with her. She is one significant piece of wonderful jigsaw puzzle which will complete your lonely life.Things can never be the same for you've lost the chance to unspill your words.

Different type of love come in different shapes and sizes. the same flavour of ice cream tastes differently if you take it at different weather. Love can't be compared for there isn't a ruler to measure.

"He doesn't love you the way you want, doesn't mean he doesn't love you with all he has."

You are trying to prove her wrong, knowing that she misunderstands you.

what if ...

second chance doesn't appear again?

what if ...

there is no a second opportunity?

If only time can be reversed for the sake of your life time happiness...

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ShereeN TaN said...

I got the 1st pic!! da black n white wif a girl n a guy sitting, leaning on the wall wan...hehe~