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Sunday, May 11, 2008

so you finally here

wanted a place to just escape, to wonder, to open my eyes,a chance to see the world. while browsing thru the news, the MAS's Zero fair promotion pops up:
i dono what about New York that make me wanted to go there badly.
new york.. 5k plus with tax
Japan. although am not a big fan of sushi, anime, harajuku. somehow japan seems appealing.maybe the great review i got, from lots of people, or maybe just me, being emo/romantic just wanted to see the beautiful sakura flower blossoming. and the interesting culture of Japanese, where Kimono still been worn, by people of all ages.
japan: 2k plus with tax
or maybe the romance of Rome, i would love to go back to Italy.

so its finally here, maybe only taking off on march, but rm1200 to London instead of rm 4000 plus by Mas or Sia.. as long as i monitored about it, its not much of a suprise to me, as i predicted its around the price.and certainly within my budget.even now. Great city of London, Mr.Gan loves it, but what about Julian Gan? will i love it as much?

if only life its as easy as booking tickets, pack my bags and take my passport and leave. back to reality, its not THAT easy. Money does, play a significant role.

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