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Thursday, May 22, 2008

update@ starbux

glory glory man utd! the king of europe.after almost 48 hours without of sleep, i finally catch come atter the match. exam is over, last nite was my first night at my new home. lots of things that i need to get used to, for example, i don't know where are stuff are placed, i shall get used to it during the break. anyways there are tons of unpacking left, makes me wonder why am so free to be at starbucks now to go online.just after indiana jones, the first movie i watch here,at Aeon bukit tinggi, the biggest jusco in South East Asia, its no midvalley, but hey, its not that bad after all, guess i have to make do with what i have. which is just a stone throw away from my house. which remind me i have to literally walk home later, but i guess i can take it as an evening stroll, as the lap top is not that heavy after all. the new house was nice, except the location. but its all good i supppose.makin do with what i have and i have to change to changes surrounding me. tho that sux, guess thats life right? the sudden positive-ness surrounding me instead of my emo-post can be credited to this beautiful Ipanema cake am havin now. its THAT good! mayb tomorrow i shall come again.

watching indiana jones, alone,might sound a lil sad, who watches movie alone?!in cinema. when i asked my dad last nite if he wanted to watch, he ask me for the time of the movie, but he got a phone call, saying the Thai people are here. so off he went with the driver fetching him. lucky for me, as soon as i arrive, the show is in 5 minutes.

talking bout movies, i been watching quite a few for my standards. 3 movies in 48 hours.first was what happen in vegas with kean,way chow,jj,tze ying,yin fung and pei se after the exam, which really a nice show, funny, touching and romantic. then while waiting for man u match at 245, i catch hitman on dvd. the game that i played since form 1, finally turns into a movie, great action scene, but kinda violent.just like the game. well indiana jones, since its just released today, i shall not spoilt it for ya'll k?

thats all for now, happy hols, and save trip for those who are travelling.

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