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Saturday, May 17, 2008

quit playing game

feelings, everyone have it right?even as cold as hitler, he has a lover.but the various feelings is all depends. some tend to feel rage, rebelious, loving, caring and etc...

some might view life as a game, the one is business field might look at it as a game of manopoly, the players at the clubs might think its all bout sex,lies and booze, and as student, the name of the game is? study!

no matter what we are doin or playing, the worst game we all could play is, the game of feelings.because its so unpredictable what the outcome will be. for example, Anable chong ( dono if the spelling is right) a singapore uni student, her feelings got screw up when she got rape.the scar is too deep for her to bare and the outcome is, she set the world record for the most gangbang. or we can take a look britney spears. when she was with Justin, its like a school sweetheart couple, and she was ready to marry him spend her life with him. in the end, she broke up, and going into a state called a spiral meltdown.she start to rebel and then she got married to that dancer,and everything goes down and down for her.the princess fallen from grace.

learning from the past,only get into a relationship when you are ready,ready to commit,ready to sacrifice, ready to be patient,ready to give in, ok i shall stop preaching like a priest or love expert, cause am far from it.

in conclusion, get away from playing with others feelings especially with those opposite sex.tears, depression, lose of apetite,slip wrist, or might even worst sucidal, no its not funny, as there are cases. look at even leslie cheong, the HK star that jump down as his partner dont want him no more. wen all these bad things happen, can we sleep peacefully at night? knowing we are the cause for it?

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