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Saturday, May 17, 2008

old friends

lately lots of old faces poping into my face.

while reading electronics notes outside the library before the exam, i was looking around, trying to memorise the formula. it was noisy. suddenly a voice came " julian..........psss..... julian" i was wondering is it for me or another julian? then he wave. i din not recognise him as his facial hair and his hair was long, almost a pony tail, and he is not that skinny no more. it was my primary school fren kananat. i was OMG, i though he is some kinda "mandek" or "tai lo" as he is always was. well its good to hear that he is in FIT, facaulty of IT. those am not close, but i know he can be count on IF, there is need for a "persuasion".

akfan ikhlan

its been 10 years since i left Kuala Krai, went i first left, it was hard, i wrote letters to my friends and sent them via snail mail as there are no e-mail at that time.sadly no reply. as i pass by Kuala Krai for chinese new year, i still wonder where they are. as there are no reply, i guess they have forgotten bout me.my mom always ask me "what is that boy name? the father sells chicken at the market, do u go find him?" all those friends i made since kindergarten and almost thru primary. but a fwe days ago i receive a mail from an unknown sender via friendster, asking " are you julian gan han jiang?" i was shocked! then he intro himself and how we used to be in the same kindergarten. the last memory of him is, that we are the 2 that was picked for the head boy post, as unbeliveable as it sound, yes i was a prefect before. but i guess the post is not for me as i left mid way through for KL.

nice car

thats Ong ka ting if am not mistaken @ one of her CNY open house

with YTL

i got a phone call, wen i was last in bangsar

" mr.gan! you know who is this?"

it was Jermaine, another primary school friend,she was in BSC doing some charity asking me to go to support, due to my thin wallet, i din go as i know for sure i have to buy something. its amazing how things turn 180 or almost. because she and another chinese girl, Shane yee, is the one that always make me and my friends get into trouble and sent to the principal office. how we hate each other before, although now we don love each other, but things are ok, although there are lots of invitation that i have turned down, for example the SIFE fashion week @ zouk, or b'day and new year party, also the dinner before the election. as her mom is close to the ex lembah pantai MP. currently studying in Nott Uni, she is the one with all the connection and probably can do anyting, from charity job, office work, as she have done it all. changed a lot ever since i saw she cried her eye ball out when the UPSR result is out.

*** as we go along, there are lots of friends we make. its great that if they could remember us, and we could do the same. having friends not only that stand by you when you are having a drama queen moment, not saying am a saint, but i guess am honest and sincere when i made friends with them. so innocent back then, but for now, maybe we make friends to get " connection". but for me personally, let it be some the son of the chicken seller or the one with all the connection, friends are friends and, there are no double standard to it, if they are nice to you, u b nice back. for the good things i've done or the bad things, i am glad that they remember me, although some might already forgotten about me even if we are in secondary or after leave for overseas, but its ok, we cant control others action upon us.

**** pics from friendster

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