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Monday, March 3, 2008


ever heard the saying " bad guys always win?" i don really belive in that, but harsh reality is, somehow thats the way of life is. i mean, look at all the good guy i noe, and yet they are been taken advantage of, because they are too nice? i mean is it a crime to be nice? for example is have a fren, X that do everything for his gf, in the end, the girl just go with him when she feels like it, and when she don feel like it, she don even bother. does girl really like to be treated like trash? or they just know, that the good guy will be there for them, no matter what they do, thus they take advantage, to go roam around, flirt or whatever. what about one day the guy just have enough and just walk away. will it be too late for the girl to wake up? or she just wont feel ANYTHING, as she got plenty of fishes in the sea.

the more i talk to people, or the more i know people, the more complex the world get. for example gay ppl, flings, materialistic parents so much stories and experience i've heard and witness. why can this world be either black or white?wrong or right? why do the right thing seem wrong and the wrong thing seem ever so right?where do we draw ANY line at all in this world!!!argh!!! and a quote from steven tyler when Aerosmith recover from their rock and roll life " drugs and alcohol take away everything from us, even our loved one"


Kok Jin said...

yaya..dunno why girls like to be treated like that. one day that guy had enough of it and walk away then baru she regret. lolz.

shlee88 said...

do not generalize! not all girls behave that way... and i noe plenty of guys who do the same! ish... haha!