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Sunday, March 30, 2008

why we are looked down upon?

  • the word "local". if those old people ask u, or ur fren's parent ask u, " where u study?" i study "locally". the impression will be different if the answer was " i study overseas" and if ur fren is a girl, most probably the parents would be all over the boy. like " oh he so smart, oh he so handsome, or cute" although he might looked like crap. let face it, mayb we might not b THAT meterialistic, of course there are some part of us still hav that. or if u go to interview for job, even if u would get 1st grade and carry ur self well, and the other got an overseas degree, it add more weight to their CV, although they might just b a 2nd class student. think bout when some new local car being produce, sure thats lots of critics. "ah ya... tin milo la.." but think bout it this way, if we as malaysian don support our national car, who will? honda, or toyota or bmw wont produce such a good car if the people in their homeland don suppport them, they need support to develop new technology.
  • " jaguh kampung" the university u r in might be the best in the country from the ranking, and might beat the once invincible UM debate team and kick butt in robotic challenge. but does it matter? you are still get a Malaysian degree, not UK, or US or Australia. it still wont be good enough to impress those coperate pigs.
  • glamour. if some girl would come up to the guy and asked, "where u study?" ," oh am in taylors/sunway/help" the impression will be WAY different if u tell them "am studying in MMU" the normal response will be " where?" even if u google for it, the first result will be " manchester metropolitan uni". and the impression will be given is, " mayb some ulu place with some ulu people" but, really, no matter where people might come from, as long as they are nice. mayb here, the international study from some 3rd world country like somalia, or Khazastan, and not some advance people from france or gemany, but that doenst mean a right to be looked down upon.we HAVE to remember our roots. maybe we can be some big shot in some bank or CEO of a international company, and drive the big car and hav some sky high office, like donald trump and everywhere we go we have to be first class. but do we ever remember our roots? if its not for that, will it bring us to wher we are today? i wont condemn anyone, but my own family. the uncle i hav in singapore, of course he is rich, drive BMW, and hav a multimillion dollar home there, and have overseas trip everytime.and his wife is not that bad too, as she works in an international bank, earning 5 -6 figures. but i really don like him because, he always condemn Malaysia.from the road side food stall, to the drivers on the highway. Fuck, u brought up in a kampung too ok?
  • looks. this is something that we cant control. i mean we are born with our own looks. for me, i have a so called "horny" smile. it might scare people away, but i cant do anything as thats how i smile. that goes the same as ugly people. i wont be a perfect gentleman and say that i never say bad stuff bout them, and am sure everyone have. like wen u eating and some ugly or fat people passed by, for sure there are some gossip. but really, does "cute" guys or "hot rockin bod" chic only matters?if it is, it make me sad, as why must it be so superficial. for me personally, and OK looking girl would be good enough, whats important is, is how they treat you. what the point of getting some hot chic wen they say they love u in front of u and behind u, they go rocking on other guys?
  • money.money can be the root of all evil. money can make us forget about ourself.and at the same time, money can buy lots of thing, but happiness? that depends on the individual.again, to impress, it would be lots of point will be added, if u drive the big car and have all the material stuff. i mean, if u would go and pick ur gf up, and u r in some imported car, am sure the mother would feel.. erm let say some sense of "security", as its every mother's dream for their daughter to have a rich husband so their daughter would be well taken care of and not struggle with life. but as one saying goes, " you can looked down on anyone but not young people" because young people have time in their hand. of course they might be some mat rempit or a bum NOW. but people DO change. and with time on their hand, young people can prove lots wrong by being successful. i mean, how many that drive big car to fetch their gf now?if they do too, its their parents money. maybe some would say, " nvm la, still rich wat, some more can go cut hair at A' cut above, look so cute in that armani shirt, and study overseas somemore". its really disappointing to hear that kind of answer, but thats only me being disappointed, as i got them a lot from family, frens. but i guess its their life.whatever other might say, guess we should swallow it, put out head down, but never put our chin down, instead of feeling sorry for ourself, we should work extra hard to prove them wrong.

in life, we cant really control what people would think of us.people might say harsh words to u, looked down upon u, because of some so called 'weakness' like u don look as cute as the other guy, or u r fat and not sexy enough, or even if u r not as well to do as others. but its not really our fault as our appearence as how we are born. as for money? well, some might be luckier than others. some the fortune have been passed down, and some make their own money. i guess we gotta be gretful with what we hav. if people don accept u because you cant live up to their standard of caviar, fine 1826 wine,or have the big car, den its nothing much we can do about it, but to accept that others don think we are at their standard of living, in other words, not good enough for them.


Anonymous said...

HORNY SMILE??????????
HORNY SMILE !!!!??????
Your smile only turn goats on la bro...
and occasionally cats...

julian said...

get lots of it. " ur smile is horny" i also know, like wth rite? the cat on the cat walk? :p