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Friday, March 28, 2008

picture says a million words

i really admire painters, or song producers, as they can really express their feeling in such a way, that lots would b able to connect with it. u c, i have lots to tell, but cant find the right way to do it, especially with words, where i failed almost ALL the time.

other way is photography. i love nature's pic, like the orange sky upon the sunset. if i can, i would love to be at the river nile, on the mini cruise ship across the river, while i b on the roof laying down and have lots of photograph, where when the sky turns orange, at the river bank while the ship coming to the great piramid. i know that all seems like a fantasy and its hard to imagine.

my fren, who is an ameture photographer, have some wacky pics, when go on a backpacking at Poland and Germany.

and this is some of the pic i took from my w810i, will b a different quality from the SD cam above

pitures says a thousand words. some pics might be the joy with friends, some can b lovely time with a loved one, or some can be from some awesome vacation.mayb i need some vacation now, to get myself togather. where shall it b? the blue water of greece? the romantic paris?lovely Chianti?ancient egypt?cool canada? ice cold alaskan cruise?down under?rio? or even new york new york? ANY of that places would b great, sadly the harsh reality is, i cant afford it right now.not even to Pulau Gaya in Sabah. they say, be a traveller, not a tourist. i might not b mature enough, but i still prefer to travel with some company instead of travelling alone. although its so FAR away,i do hope to go somewhere next year i suppose.for the min time, i b here, in my own world, waiting the day passed by slowly and slowly.. till den... i dono why i still do it, but i shall keeping my tot to myself,lock inside my own world instead of blogging here.julian out!

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