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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5,6,7 c's?

" ai wo.. hai shi tha..." translation " love me or him/her" am i right mr.perfect chinese - kok jin?

anyways this week the care club and MMUCf organise care week with the theme "love in the air"

well wats is really love?for me there are no exact definition for love. its all depends on each individual's definition to it. some would say, "its money!" some might say " he will see someday and change- after kena abuse" or some might say "i could lose u,but never my frens", well u get the idea, its very global and universal.

back to reality, is the woman's 5c or 6 or even 7 c's exist? of coz people would say " i love him/her for who they are and bla bla bla" but how many and how much would say its true and actually sincere in saying it?

  • c #1

cash- yes money. don we all love money? seriously. money can get us i-phone, i-pods,cars, redang trips, HK trips, jogoya, F1 tickets, alcohols, and the list goes on and on.. how rich is rich till one actually settle down? i mean " oh my bf is rich but that other guy is richer?" isnt that just gold digging? and the argument or in other word, a lame excuse for self defence is, "i am young and not married yet even i got bf, i still can find others and change".

really, its money THAT important? one guy told me, dating needs lots of money, thats why prefer stay single, but must we all really go to fancy dinner and watch movies every weekend or go shopping? why don just stroll around the nearby park, or how bout just go window shopping? or better still, go to the highest peak around, and look at the stars, it don cost lots of money and its something different and for sure its something that the guy and the girl would remember.plus u r NOW a student, don expect to spend 100 bux everyime u go on a date, unless u r some of those private school student. but den agian, if girls just come for u for the money, RUN!! and run FAST.

  • c#2

car- ah yes! the car. the thing that we all crave for ever since we are form 5, we cant wait till our bday to register for driving as the time of period, driving suppose to b "cool" especially wen you drive to school, and park your car in front of the school and the dumb younger junior will go 'awwwwwwwww' * in a bimbo tone*. car really can b a useful mode of transport. i mean its so convinient to move around wen you hav car. no more waiting at the bus/ taxi stand for hours and feel so hot and sweaty. i have a sister too, and once she feel sweaty and hot, she NEED a bathe. nope, don get that.

but is a car really THAT important? of course he can fetch u to class and around and all that.but is it worth to choose other guys solely based on the fact that he own a car? thats rubbish. i admit car do make life convinient. but think bout it, if the girl dowan u coz u don own a car? what does that reflect? she is not ready to go thru hard times with u! unless u are born in with a golden spoon, of course u will struggle in some part of ur life, before u be successful, asked bill gates if he ever go thru that moment or ANY successful person, and i bet 99.9999% would say yes. and if you have anyone would b by ur side thru the good and bad, hey don let her go at ANY cost!

  • c#3

credit card- yup there are something money cant buy, but for everything else, there is master card. its not a suprise if u see your frens your age have a credit card. its like the new handphone now, everyone HAVE to have it.though, the bank might not approve it now, due to lots of begging from ur parents, they might just even issue u a sup. swipe swipe swipe! shopping spree, fancy dinner,don any bimbo, or money minded freak would get orgasm just listening to it? and the gaya the guys get, wen call for the bill, just drop the card? on the second tot, ever read the news of how many young ppl go into bankcrupt at an early age? wen ur name is black listed, don ever dream of shopping for jimmy choo's at NY.

  • #3

condo-really, how many do can afford a condo wen they start working for a year or 2? i mean, wen ur first or 2nd year of working, being able to have a saving is GOOD enough.for example, a condo would cost around 200k at town, and that not even those fancy ones yet. and 10% upfront? that will be 20 k. with so much things to spend on, how can any save 20k ? with a starting pay of a average salary person?

  • #4

cook- they say the best way to a man heart is thru their tummy. its OK i suppose for the fellas to cook sometimes, but not he househusband kind.

anyways.. sudah run out of idea.. the cold is getting to me..................

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