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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a light moment

the infamous eye bag pic that i choose to re-take =p

eye bag?

i got eye bag too!

just a light moment,n0 offence!


Kim said...


julian said...

why people always do the "julian gan" thing in mmu ar? kinda good though, at least thats my name ;p

ShereeN said...

Hahahah~....JULIAN GAN!!

makes u happier?? hahahaha~ crazy~


julian said...

normally joyce and meisiem only say that

Kim said...

Julian Gan is the way mmu ppl shout at u when they find u irritation i guess. lol..

the bling..is not mei siem`s i think.

julian said...

its vi ling's, the bling

julian said...

but sometimes or not all the time its shout