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Saturday, March 8, 2008

malaysia have spoken

so its almost over, the election except for those 3 seats at sarawak where the boat capsize. anyways, this year's election have been really exciting. but first before anything, i noe and heard lots of people that i know support the opposition, and yes, there is no right or wrong in suppoorting what u belive in, but, before i say anything, i have my own views on things, no my family don have any political background and i do not discuss any political stuff with them, and they don support any particular party too. all i tot is, i support those that i think its right based on the proof on a reliable source like the newspaper.

as my previous post said, i got a bad feeling bout penang, and guess the opposition have taken over the pearl of the orient. and to my suprise so do the state of kedah. i cant remember whats the manifiesto of Bn last year, that make the people angry and some even claim hav empty promises.i really don know about that. so i cant say much. but we can see, on a general the economy have grown stronger than ever. the KLCI have even reach the 1500 marks.now that is a fact for sure, that nobody could deny. it shows a strong in growth of our economy.

the oppsition promises to ensure a minimum of rm 1500-1600 of income per month and try to slash the oil prices and at penang even wanna slash the rm 7 toll sound so so dreamy. but at what cost? do anyone ever tot that how would anyone subsidise that cost? petronas's rm 70 billion revenue? that ammout of money could fix the road, build school, develop some insfrastructure for the people so we could accomplish our goal to be a developed nation by 2020. according to one of the deputy finance minister, our country would run out of oil soon, thus there should be other ways to generate some income to the country instead of relying on the petronas's money, thats why we venture into palm oil, and we should save those petronas money as much as we can NOW, so we can spend it wen the oil runs dry. this is what am so agree with the ruling party. and although those coridoor projects sometimes i do feel its a bit ambitious, with lots and lots of billions of investment needed, but, if we have another KL town wont that be great? its like in US, there are New York, there is LA too...other than that, it would create lots of jobs for US malaysian, who is willing to return to serve for their country to help it to develop, or else, we will still be left behind, and the whole " i tink overseas is better lah..." mindset wont ever change. the change starts in US. who will help us if we don help ourself? instead of condeming our own country like those singaporean who was a malaysian before, why don we help our country prosper instead?

although there are several issues to be pointed out, like the involvment of family members in the government , all those scandals, and worst of all, the lack of freedom in the media, there are no opposition's party that can be found in the media, i guess the people have matured, to noticed that.

as for those state that lost, i thinik the opposition come out with a smart plan, wen they colaborate, for example DAP colaborate with PKR so it b a 2 way fight instead of a 3 way, thus putting one by one togather, u get the idea. and i do think that the rulling party do focus too much on winning back kelantan, and the opposition was smart enough to attack the north, the heart beat of the northen cooridoor, which is one of the PM pet project, thus he MUST go on with it and make is successful.a really good state to win.

don just jump on the bandwagon and support party. don get influence by what ur frens or family might say. don think of ur color or races. don just think "hey i be rebelious" like rebel without a cause. think bout the bigger picture, on how the action of today will impact the tomorrow? i mean, one need time to steer a ship. for example in football, a manager need to be given time to put his team 2gather, his plan. thats why the likes of figie and wenger are so successful unlike newcastle. now the leadership of the PM to work with the opposition will be tested.

"this is how democracy supposed to work" says pak lah after accepting defeat at some states. some might like him, some don, for me, the guts feeling already told me who dr. M wanted him to be the next prime minister during his reign as a foreign minister.

the result of the election shows that, Malaysian public have matured and being able to make their own decision.what might happen to those state that have been lost by BN? only til the next election we can see, is there any improvement? or some other shocking result might come like this year.maybe one day there will be time where we will have a non-bumi to be our PM, who knows. although he/she will have to gain the support to both non and the bumi.tough task.. malaysia have decided, good luck!

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