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Friday, March 7, 2008

Malaysia decides- its me

election is tomorrow,lots of rumours and sentiment have been spread around. lots of propaganda, lots of conflict, lots of issue, like the freedom of air space in malaysia, to the increasing of oil price, to the old wound that have been opened up to a certain ex political figure in the newpaper by ex co worker.my gut feeling tells me instead of focusing on the traditional battle of winning kelantan back, the penang state too, seems like the opposition have a very strong campaign going on.but den again, everthing will b unvield tomorrow.


this post more bout my home town, to be more specific, the town that i was born in.rubbish the tot of KL kid or what ever, well some or maybe most might just know, my kampung at kelantan, but i don think i ever mention bout Kuala Krai do i?this is where i start my journey to life, and till now how all of u know me now.though many have different perspective, coz they don really know me, some even think am on the dean's list, which i find its rubbish though i wish i am on the list, what ever u all think, well, this is who i am and where am from..

well, during the chinese new year break, i got a chance to walk and visit all the old places again, heck after 10 years. 1998 i leave the town and now its 2008 finally i can slowly have a stroll down memory lane.


this is my first old house, it seems a lot nicer in the pic wen i was in my mom's belly, i remember the year i was born, it was the year that a big flood occur. but den sadly, the people that live there don mantain it nicely anymore. well lots of fond memories here at the house, from my first words, my first bedtime story, first day of school to my first time pee on the bed =P


as i walk that day around the field, it leads me to the playground.this playground is just in front of my house.at the same time i saw some kids playing the swing, it just like how me and my friends used to play. growing up being the only chinese family around the neighbourhood,i don feel its weird playing and having malay friends, i dono bout other states, but wen i came to KL, there are the gap between the 2 races, racial chant are everywhere, names like pig are thrown everywhere.which is very hard and sad to know.not denying the fact that i got more racial along the year.here, even the chinese look like malay.

one last slide down?


the old trafford of the yester-year...

the field, the green grass, is the first thing everyone sees wen they get out of the house, and during the early morning, it feels so fresh to breathe in those fresh air.d huge field is the place to be in the evening for football.its just nice to see everyone mingle around instead wen in KL, wen u go back home u just see the neighbours door, and some don even know their neighbour.


my kindergarten, no its not strawberry hills, or tadika chong or what ever. i remember to be the only person and the only non-muslim here and worst of all, the only one with shorts!!! child expoiltation i tell u, with that sexy legs revealing. heheheheh..of course i remember the time at the zoo and all those road trips.. and only lucky few only saw the pics. and of course the graduation at the big hall at the nearby politechnic skool. and i lost a friend too, he passed away wen i got back from my 1 month stay at singapore,the sad part is, before i left, we played my toy car 2gather, thats the only memories i remembered.


where christiano j..... i mean where i kick football around

moved to a bigger house. mayb during standard 2? am not too sure, but i remember lots of work have been done to make the house better, lots of pak cik came every evening after work to do some work, its a nice house, even have 2 gardener. and one of them is the utility man.i remember how my mom loves our garden. there are also dogs, that come sometimes that i feed them. the house have a badminton hall behind it, and the tennis court front of it, this is where Zang Toi's dad used to play.the bad part is, there snakes. there are twice since snake in the house and while i was having a kick of the football, i saw some snake skin. scary. but on one night, my dad got a phone call from his friends from HQ, kl, saying the canadian consultant for the company wants him to come to KL to work with them, i guess the rest is history.but looking at the condition of house now, its kinda pathetic due to the poor mantainces of the new tenant


the badminton hall,also one of the town's multipurpose hall. lots of function been held here, from band to weddings. my dad got his friends outside of ktm to sponsor it, and now it belongs to the sport club.my uncle plays badminton here always every nite, this is where my brother used to train too, it just at the back of my 2nd house, and for me? this is where i try out my so called BMX tricks out side the hall, at those gravel road in red u see in the pic, and yes, i do get my face flat on the ground quite often, and bruises too..oh well,do wish to play badminton here someday,mayb to beat my brother or uncle.


the town.the town center is smaller than any other town, like ipoh, taiping, bukit katil, kangar, banting or any other town, its small and less maju too. no tesco, giant or anything. the town's economy is based on oil palm and timber, yes there are lots of tauke balak around but lots have go burst due to the economic melt down in 98.but now there a lil improvement and development i suppose.
kelantanese love their lifestyle, if BN should win and for sure there are development, thus it wont be kelantan no more, no more peaceful and quiet, but den again, the state do need some development, thus, let kelatanese decide what they want.



LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

hei...christiano J....kangar is less developed la....haha...

Yin Fung said...

Most of us are from small towns lah.

My maternal family came from a more ULU place where people depend on rain water and rivers.

I kena gigit by pacat lagi.

julian said...

the point is does it matter?if we come from big or small town? i mean if u go to big city like kl, there are for sure ppl telling u "eh budak kampung". so what if ppl call u that? even if u r budak kampung, what u are today that is wat makes u. u can be a CEO one day and tell those ppl who look down at u for coming from a small town. see if they ever dare? so in conclusion, its all about how we bring ourself NOW, and we shall be proud of where we come from, and how we are brought up. tq tq... VOICES are calling me! ahahahahah =p (ss moment)