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Friday, March 28, 2008


300th post,guess no other special way but the special one

there are about 6 billion people in this world, and growing. maybe if i divide it into guys and girls, mayb 3 billion each, and if teens, maybe 1 billion? so whats the odd? 1 billion to 1? maybe thats the odd of 2 person meet each other, and maybe if that odd is not high enough, it get higher for 2 person to get togather.

but how many last a lifetime? with the hollywood's trend of keep on changing gf/bf like changing our hairstyle, lots of hearts been broken out there. am thankful enough for mine to last for 1 year,1month,3weeks and 6days today. though times are very hard ever since she left to the UK, am gretful to everyday that we are 2gather, as everyday passed by, "hey, am still with her" lots people say long distant cant work, or it almost close to impossible. and there also time that either 1 of us feel like giving it hard due to all the hurting. somehow, as we get thru one challenge by one, i know we will one day and tell each other, the fighting and quarelling that make US strong,even if we cant really see it right now.

i always think she is out of my league, i mean, look at me.somehow, she just make me feel good. and for the first time, i really get everything attached to someone, my time, my heart, my attention. i mean, even if she wear a t-shirt and a jeans, i would think she is the sexiest woman alive. no i don need mini skirt or tight short clothes, all i need is U!

have any of u ever feel like, when u look at somehow, everything is in the package? innocent, sexy, sweet, i mean EVERYTHING? thats how i felt when i look at her, and thats the reason why i would never passed up a chance to see her. and she is the first thing that crossed my mind everytime i get up of bed. wonder if she sleep well, or if she is cold, and if there is a blanket on. yes this time i fall HARD!

my brother the was the first to bring his gf back home to meet my parents, sadly they don last.tho i don really like her at that time, mayb i feel like i don spend much time with my brother because of her, as i used to be close with my brother and we would play fifa till the next morning. but, since he don last with his gf, i wonder how would b the next time he bring back someone else? thus, i told myself, if i would bring anyone back, it must be the person i wanna marry.tho its akward the first time, but its not that akward anymore i guess. though my ex, keep on bugging to meet my parents, mayb some sort of security reason or something, somehow, i dono, i don think she is the right one yet. and yes ashley you are so wrong to think, that the guy's mother wont think the girl is good enough for their son.she is fine with u.

mayb some would say this post make me sound like some naive boy, who thinks he in love. but i really do feel strongly that she is the love of my life, and no i wont wanna trade you for anyone, even if grow fat or something or fall ill.if u grow fat, i will hav a good time pinching ur cheeks, and i shall hav tummy too, and if u fall ill, i wan b the one that push u on the wheel chair.

i have endless of reasons on why i have such strong feeling on u. yes i wont deny that am not as happy as before, but u, u know me inside out. you know which button to press, and what is the reaction should b. its amazing that u r not bored tho, since am THAT predictable.

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