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Sunday, March 9, 2008


due to the shop around campus was closed today, got no choice butt to go old town/padi to have dinner. joined meisiem , kelvin and charles.we took the bus there and soon was joined by ben. and a father and son joined us at the bus stop. the son name is Oliver, he is here to do his MBA, and they are from Kuching, thus they wanna check the place before Oliver start his education.

as we all know, mr. annoying/ irritating/ muka tebal/ rude, is being himself.its so emberessing to EVEN know such person.

in life, for me personally, its not all about CGPA, or society, or drinking and get wasted, or get connection. those are all the thing we chase for or our indulgence. ever heard of the smallest thing is important? the slightest of detail is VERY important. sometimes we as human, overlook on things. such things like manners, and those who treat us right.

well, mr.annoying as i quote

"west malaysia, not malaysia, outer space"
" the bus fare for the bus that must pay wan is 1 ringgit and the free one is well, free lah"

dude, really, is that some weak lame joke u trying to crack or u just bring urself?

i might not mix too much, with the higher society ppl or with anyone, but ever heard of ways to talk? i don mean sweet talking, like how those guys that go to club and try hit on girls and in the end wanna hit them on the bed. i mean ways as in manners.

for example, when u speak to a 5 year old, u don talk bout the election, and use bombastic english to talk to them, you must go down to their level so they would understand better, and u the tone of your voice is important too. so it applys to older people too, you can talk at the top of your voice, or try to talk to them like they are some brainless fool. look at them, they are well dressed people, it wont suprise me if they are "somebody" over in Kuching.

am not trying to tell people wat to do, but its common sense to talk to someone a polite way and with some respect, because u don even know them, thus u cant joke around with them as if they are ur frens.... what an emberessing night.

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