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Saturday, March 8, 2008

anger management and sports


int main()


printf(" don go hit people when you learn it\n")

return 0;


thats what my mom told me when i told her i wanna take up kickboxing. but in truth is, i really wanna apply all the moves on someone. that person that wipe the smile on my face, on that one night, everthing changes, that nightmare of a nigth at the end of the last semester break.its one of my low point ever. and the best part of all, he don even know me. what a person rite? causing misery to others without even knowing them. taking the taste of out his mouth with a cross or breaking his jaw with a uppercut or a hook will be my day. too bad my name is Gan not a carloene, or else i would blow his head with a run and smear his blood in his parents bedroom. or am Han Jiang, and not the Chinese Emperor, or else i would have the whole family chop into small pieces instead of chopping of their head. yes i HATE this person very much, for take it all away from me, from the broken promises to me getting hated because of it.

BUT....weeks on, and altough the wound is still here, i know i would get into huge trouble. i cant beat him. not even in a courtroom as he is a law student and i am an engineering student. what ever way it is, who am i to punish right? i guess let the God lay down the punishment, lots of night i pray, pray for forgiveness that i cant forgive those who being a pain for me. though i don go much of church, but i remember what one american pastor who is one a visit to the church i went once said, " to be a complete person, you gotta forgive and instead pray for your enemy, pray for their goodwill and success". but don talk bout religion to me, am not good at it.


but the post is about how i transform my anger or unhappiness thru the years. instead of channeling to fights like i used to, i tried sports instead.

basketball (form1-2)

i took up this sport for fun. i remember the first time there are training i was with my primary fren chow vi. look how far chow had went, representing the school and all, due to his intense tranning. for me, i got my own friends to play for fun, instead of training for school team.the gang was me, amar, afiq, dharmik and soon ray. the first ever competiton we enter was the inter class in form 1. to suprise to many, we come out as champ instead of those so called pro who have those fancy move. we just use traditional team work instead of displaying some fancy moves. and of course, knowing the seniors who is the judge, and also my sister's friends help. basketball is like the football in US, where all the girls will watch. and lots love to tayang their skills. in the end gave up bsaketball as afiq move to belgium and amar went melaka. and with the on going fights and politics behind bsketball, we just don feel like playing anymore after winning the 2nd tournement, this time its open to form1 - form 3 and we was form 2. i do remember being in the court with a certain chong jin yip =P


my weapon of choice

the badminton gang was for of us, me amar,ray and sharean. we played badminton almost every evening after school, sometimes we even have our lunch there with mc D delivering. we had our own indoor court thanks to ray place. nobody to tell us what to do, so we can blast our music and play as long as we like. those intese moment, just to let go everything at school with the power of hitting the shuttle.the unhappier we got, the faster the shuttle cock is destroyed. amar left for melaka thus, we feel weird playing 3 person, and in form 3 we hav tuition due to the exam year.


the traditional PJ sport in school.everyone love to play it. the muddier the field the better. i still don get it, how some are scared to get the ball when the ball fall into the watery place. got some heated arguement with shai on the field and also some kick by the boots, but we all good now.sometimes joined vishnu's team in their "league" match, making guest appearence.as much as i love watching football, am not good at it, unless u wan me play dirty =p

tennis (after spm)

this was after spm with nothing much to do. that time i was hanging a lot with raja, vicki and dena. since vic and dena have tennis lesson with clifford, thus the 2 girls teach me and raja to play.we played at a private court at ray's. again, nobody tell us what time to leave except when the morning sun is up or vicki and raja got hungry =p since i never played before, thus i get the idea of hitting aces and hit the ground stroke just like how i watch pete sampras on tv. but its hard to control the ball, and i ended up giving vicki a bruise at her tigh as i hit the ball accidentally kena her. as collage start in jan, we stop playing.

golf (after spm)

after finish working part time, i continue my driving lesson. the uncle is a mad person. yelling and really insulting. i really wanted to hit him that time. i mean, c'mon is the first time i am driving u cant expect me to drive like shumacher can u? of course i cant balance the car or hav mati engin moment, c'mon if u hav no patient don b a teacher or instructor. thus, i follow my dad to Kgpa to meet with coach raja. actually just go there to teman my dad, but he asked me to take iron 7 to hit some ball. yes there are obviously some blopers moment, iron 7 suppose to hit like at least 150 yards, but i end up hitting 30-50 yards. kinda malu. but with frequent practise, and thinking the ball is the instructors head, i can proundly say i hit using a driver before. a guy Mat teaches me other than coach raja, Mat was there as he is training for the SUKMA games, he represent KL, and coach raja was his coach. he told his parents he dowan to study after Spm, although he get a good result, instead he wanted to be a pro. the affair with golf, goes to the next stage as coach raja, wants me to join the sunday classes. as my brother and dad took the private class with coach raja, so they can come in the evening after work, but for me, he thinks i will b and mix better with people at my age, so wants me go class on sunday morning with the juniors. i find it very difficult to click with all of them. i mean those snobbish rich kids, that have to speak perfect english and come from international schools, mayb they are kinda nice, but i guess they are not my kind of people i suppose.i never return again to the sunday class after that, though they called to go for the begginers tournament, but i think i was packing for Melaka that time, i know my was disappointed as he wan some teman to play wth him other than his friends, he even insist of me go to melaka and play as there are lots of golf courses nearby, but i think i don fit in with golf, thus i let my brother do the bonding with with the old man.

the old man at cherating


i always wanted to join some martial arts activities. but once i asked my dad, he says " no, u gonna hit someone" but now i don think he even know am taking up kickboxing =p but i really wan to get over one of the low key moment of my life, you see, i take promises very seriously, as i wont promise anyone if i cant do it. i would normally say," i'll try my best" or something like that. but promise? its like a guarentee. the more special that person is, much more meaningful it gets.weeks on, after 2 kickboxing class, it does feel good to punch and kick, imagine taking bones apart, not like i gonna do it la, because all the airlines wan their pilot to be clean of any bad records, thus lots of fight i have to be forced to walk away, regardless that many thinks am just coward to take on that person. as we grow.. the greater responsibility we have. turning 20 this year am no longer protected in the child's act law. its either kickboxing or yoga, i know angry man like roy keane took yoga, but i prefer am i can protect my self with some of the moves..

mau gaduh?



LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

hei...slow la sikit...
don juz think of punching ppl la...
haha...nowonder peise cn fly away la...don imagine peise s d person u wanna hit so much la...pity peise...haha

julian said...

next time u b my sparing partner lor... =p

Kok Jin said...

phrase error before return 0;
cause you forget to put a semi-colon at the end of the printf statement. swt.

btw, vicky knows how to play tennis wan lo?

julian said...

yes she does know how to play