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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


my funny valentine.....

heard the song before?

so its valentine today? whats exactly the true meaning of valentine? is it a special day for 2 people are very fond and special to each other to celebrate? or it just another commercial and marketing stretergy? i mean why be all nice and romantic only on valentine? why don we all be all that on every given day? but then again, its like ur birthday, only 1 special day just for u, so i guess valentine especially dedicated to those couple.

well, the atmosphere around campus today, and yes, like any other place for valentine, lots of sale of gift, like bear and roses, and bouquet of flowers.some even bring their bouquet of flowers all around campus even to classes, is either they cant find a aplce to put it, or they just wanna show to everyone that they have one, but oh well, who am i to judge rite?

don v all remember our first valentine ? the first card ? flowers? gift?

well, one funny story i would like to share, it was wen i was in primary, yes am sure all of us have our OWN crush, so am no different to this. but den again, every guy in the school is interested in her.my itchy send her wish her happy valentine on9, as yes i know i said it a million times and none of the time anyone belive me, i AM a SHY boy!!

she return it in a good gesture, with an e-card... it says

i love u....
(and my heart beats as fast as the train)
as a fren...
i was like what in the hell !! maybe she just being nice just to let me down easily. but oh well, that cant be count as an actual valentine greeting rite?
and den came high school where, for the first time ever i or any of my fren experience it. the care club offering some valentine gift. basically u just buy something from the club and they sent it to that person. and all my frens would like to give, gifts to the assist head prefect. another boy hood crush to older girl i suppose.though personally i don really thing she is THAT great, because she is my sibling's fren. and of course as we all grow older, we play some prank. sending to girls using our fren's name just to play cupid. how innocent and naive those time are.. for a good laugh, we totally forget to put others feeling into the equation.but den again, those who studied in the same school, knows me and my frens love to play prank or disturb others.good ole days....
so last year was the real valentine i had. heck it was as sweet as honey. due to the condition that i was in Melaka, we celebrate it the weekend before valentine.even though it just for an hour or two, i won't be asking for it in any other way. happy valentine ash.. and good days to all the couple out there.

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