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Saturday, February 16, 2008

another day..

dr azahari: so u r back? its back again isn't it?
the boi : hi doc, overseas trip again? new zealand?
dr a: yes, so wen it started?
boi : end of jan?
dr a: u don start smoking rite? or go to smoky place like club?
boi : nope...

after various checks

dr a: at this stage, think u better just live ur life, u r still young, go have as much fun as u can. sometimes phychological factor can play a big role.don over work ur engine.have some deep sleep, that will help ur mind to rest, and at same time ur engin too.u wan me to precribe something to hepl u? .but if it comes to the center, you better rush here.

boi: no thanks, m no heath ledger.

dr a: hahahaha, its good that u can still joke, as some of my patient would already get paranoid and restless..

boi: c u

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