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Friday, February 22, 2008

family day

last week i misssed out on the family day. this year's family day is at the newly purchased freight village.a chance for everyone to know the new investment and a chance for everyone from the head to the lorry drivers to tighten the bond, and create a family kinda bond so everyone would happily cooperate next time. from singapore's office, indonesia, and also thailand, not to mention from various part of malaysia too, like johor, penang,padang besar came down to klang last weekend for the family day. one day i shall take over everything and cash it in to the highest bidder.muahahahahaha-evil laugh.....ok stop dreaming.. off to the pics

opening speech

new godown

since its all cny

uncle teoh

children's playroom-FINALLY they are more sensitive

happy la?

give up la, May won't fall for u


everyone wins, even the lorry drivers

fireworks to end the night

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