If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

happy b'day mumsie

yesterday you watched your 2 son left,
leave the nest,
leave into their own life outside the nest,
another year have gone by,
just like a blink of an eye,
its been a while since i hugged u,
and i cant remember when i told u i love u,
and i never say am sorry for anything,
though i feel bad inside,
so i am sorry for all the wrongs i did,
and i love u,
happy b'day


Kim said...

u look like ur mom! very!

julian said...

my mom ma..