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Thursday, February 14, 2008

inspirasiku kembali..

" i been fasinated by piloting since i was form 4, my parents asked me to give a go, too bad my physics not good" - aunty cav.

i been thinking, how lucky some can get with having parents supporting them, even if ( not being sexist) the job is a male dominated job, some parents still give support to their child to follow the thing they like as long as it is not illegal.

"memang macam cerita tu, aku layan jer" - Jazman

even tho this clip is just from a movie, but den again, once a REAL cadet told me, his trainning just like the show. no i don wan b pilot because of the movie, i wanna be pilot so i could see this HUGE world.and to narrowed the gap of those who are FAR apart, those who are world's apart. and maybe i can help deliver food or medical support to those rural area someday.

no i am not forgetting bout LAOTSE Programme at Munich.i do hope i will get my chance and most important of all my parents blessing to go there. heck, i wan everyone's blessing, especially those who i hold very dear to my heart.

but not to get carried away, i know i got a moutain to climb, the odd are stacking day by day.but i hope to try my best to overcome it.

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