If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mr positive- fall to fly

kawaii neh?

monday test was BAD.. it was a schocker to know that i prefer the subjective part instead objective. suprising huh? well, there are the fact that there are no sources to "check" with. but with that aside. yesterday was a bit not so productive day, i feel really tired and VERY VERY cold.but thinking of monday, there lots of noise says "Julian Gan, you better not give up now ar!". its like last time when mom used to nag " study study study" guess its true what pei ling said, " when they nag, we hate it, when they don, we slack" thus, lets start today as a productive day shall we?

and one intersting quote from aunty cav "changes start from and in YOU!!"

so thanks for everyone that spend their time and open their ears and give their advice when i was not really myself.other than that, Thank God too, i hope i am on the road to recovery after hitting one of the lowest point of my life, i hope i already FALL and now time to FLY!!!!!

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