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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

long long day...

today is such a very very very long day. it seems like forever for the class to end. maybe m lacking of deep sleep, or just the fact that i still wanna sleep and the class started early.

anyways,i find it very hard to pay attention this semester.from the holiday, to the new sem to the chinese new year break. my mind seem drifting away. i feel like walking away from everything sometimes. the tot of quitting FOE ( faculty of engineering) too crossed my mind.things are getting harder and harder, and am stacking up the odds on my own self. if i walk away from everything i would disappoint lots of people, especially that are close to my heart. heck i hate to get disappointed myself, so i don wanna give others the disappointment.a promise is a promise,i promise to give it a try, and i will try my hardest to keep that.it is very frustrating as no matter how hard or how much i gave my all, it just don work my way. but am in TOO deep just to walk away.

i would like to thank, meisiem n also kelvin who have all the patience to help me with some math prob. teaching a slow person like me does take lots of patience.

almost every night b4 i sleep, i ask God, " Dear Lord, what did i did wrong today?" last time one of my house mate at melaka told me, why he became an enginner because he wanted to build a time machine, how i wish i can have that now....

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