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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


as i NOW know, my blog have more coverage than i tot. there are lots of unknown reader that i never tot they would read this blog. so i guess its time to clean something up.and it is my name.

not too long ago, m sure lots have heard lots of stories on how i broke up.there lots and lots of version of the story, even if you google for my name now, you can find one version of the story. as i don really give a crap what others might think, but i do give a crap what my FRENS do think, as in real fren. the best answer i got from a fren is from dena when she actually asked, and i wont ever forget what she said, " you are my fren, what ever you say, i will belive it, as you are my fren", heck that show that she got my back covered, a hallmark of a true fren. but den again, she is the only fren that ask. others? sad to say, they jump into conclusion.

i know i don jump into defence, or actually come out and explain what really happen.the move that i tot was bold, which is if all they are my fren for sure they wont belive those stories, but it got back fired. i know its easy to misunderstand. as the typical mind set, that woman is the weaker one and normally the guys is the bad person wen a relationship is over, thus out of pity, the girl surely won the vote. and at the same time, i was catching up with my old fren back den and now my current sweetheart,ashley.

well the fact that i ended it the relationship is true. but a big big BUT, did anyone know what actually happen behind the curtain? that anyone, ANYONE at ALL try to put themself in my blardi shoe?! try imagine this, you keep on compromise and give in and be patient with everything, and even wen u try to voice out ur own opinion, you'll end up getting yelled at. its true what cav said " try compromise as much as u can,but den agian, if u compromise too much the feeling will fade". compromising is a good thing, but its bad wen you cant never ever get thing your way, things always goes one way street not 2 ways. heck am not being selfish, but don everyone wan things their way?mayb not all the time, but how about sometime? and your opinion or feelings don really matter to them at ALL. to put the icing on the cake, i only found out that there is another guy, as i quote from her blog "regret i don dump him for another guy at that time", so if i don end the relationship, there is for sure a fling happening right behind my back.

so does anyone ever think bout how does it gonna effect me next time? will i b able to have faith or trust again? instead everyone just jump on the bandwagon and play the blame game.i might not have the most open mind, but wen its my fault, i rise my hand and admit it,but i was wrong, wrong to put a smile on my face no matter what had happened behind the curtains.

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