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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a tribute to you..

some might only see me like, hey thats the dude from bangsar, he probably live in some posh life, and go clubs, or whatever. but hey, does anybody know where i am from, of course most might know my home town in kelantan, no i don grow up in UAE, or some part of Europe, or even anywhere near some busy like KL. i was born in a lil town called Kuala Krai, Kelantan, yes there are cows and goat around, and its kinda like a kampung, aku budak kampung!

no am not shy of it, and yet proud of it, its where i am from.

you probably won't know what i wrote about you, as much i would like to tell you how i appreciate all you have done to me, i cant find the words to describe how gretful i am. yes you. my nanny, Mak Yah.

you work really hard when u are young,

you take care of me when i was small,

your house that i go to wen my parents are working,

your rice that fed me and make me grow,

its on your canteen counter that i sat on every morning,

its your P.Ramlee records that bring musics in my ear,

its you that shows me the traditional malay kuih's beauty,

its at ur hall that i slept in the evening,

its u that i hug whenever i merajuk,

its you that tought me to speak proper bahasa,

its you that dodoi (sing me to sleep) me,

after years.......

you still remember me,

it hurts when i get the news,

u living me a not so comfortable life,

it makes me angry,

why that its not fair,

you treat me with ur kind and sincere heart, full of love,

and yet...

why must those rascal spoilt it for u?

you are old, you need your rest,

and not work no more,

rest and enjoy ur life,

not work, NEVER work,

you work too much already,

you will always in my heart,

and i love u...

thank you so very much for everything.....

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