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Thursday, October 11, 2007

when priority calls..

in life, you have to have priority. we have to set them. it might not apply to some people, but for me,personally it does.i used to be very very carefree. and just don care, bout pratically anything. but i guess as times goes, responsiblity too come hand in hand. maybe being carefree was nice,breaking school rule, having just laugh away and don really care about anything or anyone. but at some point of my life so far, thing change. i choose to took up my responsiblity, and hoping it will guide me to be a man next time in the future, a man who contributes to life.

slowly i learnt, "there's no ME, instead its WE, its US" it does help me to shed of my sefishnes. and right now my number 1 priority is my family, and ashley is considered as one of them. they will be number 1, even infront of myself. i choose to put them first because, they do play a very big and important role in my life.

today i got a phone call from my dad.he wanted to go back, because grandma is not at her best condition. its my grandma on my mom's side. thus, mom have not have enough of goodnight sleep, even though she visited her for 2 weeks, and yet things don change. but dad's plan to go back at the end of this month have been rejected. when i called up my mom, she said "if she close her eyes earlier how?don think she will last so long, so saturday morning we going back". i left speechless..

i don mind going back, but the thing is i've applied for a part time job to fund my trip to UK, and they do gave me the job. as family comes first,i've decided to turned down the job. the people there is not very happy, as they needed me to cover for the RAYA period. i do feel bad as i already tell them yes when they call last week. but family always comes first, so i guess i've have to gave up the job and maybe find some other alternative to earn some cash. maybe some other time.

the situation is not very cheerful,as everyone is worried, but the one silver lining i could see is everyone got togather and all those family conflict was pushed aside for this critical period.

am packing my back for saturday... full of black and white clothes i guess...

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