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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

wake me up when september ends..

september have very significant meaning to me. lots of important life event happens in september, it might not be those happy and jolly feeling, but still.. it makes me who i am and make me gain some experience.

  • first of the september that i could remember is in 1998. Malaysia play host to the commenwelth games.. but for me, its a journey, a milestone, the begin of a new adventure, as thats the time when i leave my old, quiet hometown and shifted to fast, noise and complicated KL.
  • the moment greenday release the song, i was preparing for my spm in 2005, that time i really wish the SPM would end soon...as the approaching nearer to the exam, the stress level can be really on a high.
  • in 2006, during september, was preparing for my first ever final exam in MMU, and next was the semester break. how i was dying for the time to go faster so i could go back home.
  • this year, well... this year's september was really tough, it a beginning of another journey of life for me i suppose. Ashley leave for UK, to further her studies.no matter how i try putting on a brave face, a whole lot of me still miss her dearly. i guess, only me and God above only knows how i go thru days, and the nights.

"you know they say life is short, they say u wake up one day, on the day, all your dream and the things u wanted, gone just like that... people...people get old and things changes and situation changed, and what i wan is, just i want this moment and right now this day, my feeling for u the way u look right now, they way u look right now.. i wan it last forever, i love you."

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