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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

malaysia boleh

havent been sleeping for the past 24 hours.. been at library since noon on tuesday till 630 am on wednesday.... and with just an hour of sleep, and having exam at 9 is not really comfortable,but i guess am determint to NOT let all ,my hard work on the day before to go to waste. am gretful too, especially to one of my fren, yee kean who really spend the night helping me out A lOT..there others too.. that spend the night in group studies...thus i wanna take the chance to thank everyone.

one thing that happened to me just now or today is when i saw the 1st malaysian to outer space. i heard lots of critic that our man is just like a tourist. but when i watch the live show on tv,found that he is gonna do some medical research, if am not mistaken,and its about cancer. unlike some critic that would say otherwise. with the rendang and all the traditional food at first i tought it was a joke,there also the race issue that y must be a malay to go up there first, instaed of chinese or indian?

all those it seems no a question no more when i saw the launch. it made me moved.i mean all those doubt, and races and food issue are all gone and answered.when the commentator says the pride of the nation on the left hand of the our man, yes the pride of the nation, jalur gemilang. thus the answer for the race, i realize that its not really important as we are "bangsa malaysia" thus its NOT important if its malay,chinese or indian. the food, its a good way to introduce Malaysia to the world.

the flying mission to sent our first man to space, which i first tought it was rubbish considering we could use the money for social welfare or development, now seems to make sense after seeing dr.syiekh in the space shuttle flying our flag, does mean a lot to me personally. the feeling just struck me at tat moment,and am sure it draws lots of inspiration to other malaysian too... am proud of our country. "Melaysiaku, gemilang"

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