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Monday, October 8, 2007

unpleasent nap

i woke up just now.. to the sound of gun shot?monkey shouting? and some chinese ballad playing? i tot i was in a nightmare, but i was wrong. i dono that Malaysia now its like Lebanon that u wake up to gun shot, or cyber jaya have gone back to the days where it was still a jungle, and there is a skinny hairy monkey shouting around, or was in Taiwan, with Jay chau song playin.

was not really pleased with the way i was woken up, seriously who would wanna get up with a monkey shouting "fuck" and "ahahahahaa" or gun shot from a game or counter strike? my idea of a good waking up is, someone telling "still got unfinish business to do" or a kiss from a lovely person with the birds singing outside my window.

i choose NOT to fight FIRE with FIRE. even if i have the equipment to do so.i learnt the lesson from melaka,where i outblast my room mate's speaker as he was too noisy. the different was obvious, but that time, was a year ago, i was young, i wan naive to fight fire with fire. i choose to ignore this time. sometimes, walking away is the best thing to do.

sometimes.. yes we might be smart in our education, but how about some consideration to others comfort? as we live NOT alone.. in this world, or this neighbourhood. yes we have the right to make noise IF... we live alone in a 100 arches of land. and nobody in between 100 kilometer radius from us.

i do belive education is NOT everything in this world, never doubt the fact that it is important.but manners too. other than acedemic knowledge, there lots of kinda of knowledge that we need to know, like general knowledge, or basic table manners, or maybe some or mayb most of us might not be groom into a british gentleman, like james bond, but still the basic we need to know to get along in this world. being considerate is one that we need to learnt as we don live in a cave or in the cyber world. we live in a REAL world, where REAL gun do KILLS.where tears are shed instead of an emoticon. and real frens are made instead of some ppl of friendster who just want to know some hot chic.

but who am i to tell what to say about manners, its for everyone's parents to teach us whats basic. let our parents be a garbage collecter, a descpline teacher, a normal teacher or a CEO, it doesn't matter from which level of society that U come from.the level of manners reflect on who we are and where we come from, it does give bad names to our parents when we misbehave, the harsh reality of life is, people DO judge.how u present yourself, how u behave yourself. but i guess lack of parental guidance do reflect sometimes, and i guess this is what they call.. " kurang ajar"

p/s: before getting emotional and getting angry, think bout it, would u like to be waken up by noises while havin a nice nap after burning a midnight oil?do consider, people like me, don have the gift, to do well, thus, need to wake up early to prepare to study.

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