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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

my hometown

the fisherman, look how hard life can be, thats why the pic in black and white, black represent the struggle to find an earning in their life and white represent the joy they have after a long day at sea. normally it job it passed down from generation to generation, thus young child would help their father since small.. they might not be well off.. but they are happy.

the beach during cny hols, sometimes, we don have to go FAR to get nice pic, we have it here too at our own backyard.

at the batik shop


something that we hardly have a chance to see, a toilet outside the house

the train yard

in the street of tumpat

i just get up from my nap.. this is the first time i slept in the evening for a very long time.. i guess i was really tired. and yes.. cyberjaya is really realy HOT!, the scroaching sun. OMG!

anyways.... as i turn to my left, i saw the windy wind blowing the tree, and it just hit, miss it.. miss my hometown, my kampung. maybe the weahter over there is like this, hot, dry and at times windy. i was couting the days till december, thus its alraedy been another year. this year passed quite quickly, and thats the time am turning 19. and christmas is coming and soon after that, its already chinese new year.

chinese new year is mayb the only i go back my home town, for those who doesn't know where it is, its at kelantan. tumpat, kelantan to be exact. maybe a 10 - 13 hours drive or can take an aeroplane there for just 45 minutes, a train will cost u another 13hours. though if someone ask me, what special about that place? i cant really answer them. because there lots of paddy, field, thai buddist temple, and the beach, and also the duty free place bothering Thailand. maybe last time i left kelantan when i was small, and been brought up in KL for most of my growing up here. but then again, as the longer i was apart from my dear home town, the greater the sense of "home-ness". i guess as i grow bigger, i learnt to appreciate things better.

this is where my parents grow up, thus i compared to how i was brought up. hell, i do feel lucky. as i don need to travel by bicycle for miles as my mom used to. or travel thru boats before the bridge was constructed. so i know HOW my parents are brought up and at the same time, i took the chance to embrace how the people and culture there too.. the kelantanese culture thats in my blood. for example, the people there can be really really helpful and nice, in such a warm way. though, kelatan is a state that majority of it are malay, but the unique thing is the malay,chinese,thai all can blend in together, and speak each other language. its hard to find indians there thus, i din mention any indian, no offense, i only say wat i saw. with races all blend and seat at the same table to eat, or help each other out during events like wedding, its really really nice to see, especially when the school am at, with words like "machan", or "ma lai chu" was thrown around easily.
a chance to return to my home state's (neighbour), at the end of november been forced to turn down as i was uncertain bout my midterm's date.. thus i gonna miss the mooson cup this year =( i know it gonna be a hell of experience IF i able to go... but the dateline for registering was yesterday.. and on the bright side, i hope i would be able to attend my cousin's wedding around early of december. hoping to take the chance to enjoy the beautiful beach offered there.

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