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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

julian's 3

ok fine.. mayb the title is not so like ocean's 13 or something and its not bout robbing bank..

yesterday i decided to call my close fren,me rizal and amar to hang out since, its rare that v have the chance,and its been a while since we all go out, hang out. we went to mid v around lunch time, me, amar, rizal and mrs. rizal, denny or dani. cant spell her name.

we decided to have lunch at lil penang, coz thats the last time me amar and rizal met. during lunch we talk and talk and talk, bout wats happening, more like a catch up with everyone. finallly the 3 set of devils curry arrived to the SOS call of my tummy.

after lunch we kinda confused on where to go.. i mean, its kinda boring. we tried the bowling..glow in the dark and a perfect place to be raped, but it was jam packed full according to them, as i was on a long distant call to the Uk. we decided to catch a movie instead, sleepy and boring show...resident evil. i slept thru the movie.

after the movie, we decided to take a walk to the garden. but its all too classy for us. its crazy expensive there. so decided to go dinner..at first was mamak at bangsar,somehow turn into chillis at mid V.

the lesson that learnt at chillis is... if u go there, just order ONCE!!

i mean when i look at the bill..

at first we ordered drinks and a set of triple play and a classic nachos. due to the beautifully fried chciken crispers.. we order again, after that order arrived, we decided to add another quessedilla chicken. we been taxed 3 times!!!! the 2 time addictional tax is about 30 bux due to the chicken crisppers and quesdilla chicken!

but its all good since rizal and mrs rizal paid for the bill... hhahahhaa... we took turns though, amar paid for lunch and i paid for the movies. its fun since they are not too calculative. and being able to talk more open on things.

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