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Monday, October 8, 2007

convo: am annoyed!

me : bored la wei, no mood to study
jun jie: come go puchong
me: just two of us?
jun jie: yea, take bus
me: dowan lah
jun jie: why the other room no noise today?with dota or cs?
me: dono, am bored, lets go home
jun jie: u siow(crazy) ar
me: tomorrow no exam ma..
jun jie: siow..

went online and see who ever on9 just bug..

me: bored!
vic: i got so much work, die la
me: give me u r car when u now here
vic: hahahaa... ya rite. if u come new zealand i let u drive my cooper
me: ( WTF!! mini cooper!!!!???) a mini cooper?
vic: yea
me: u rich butt!
vic: it have a name
me: ( i don care bout the name! i just wan the car!) argh!!
vic: actually i don care bout the car, as long as can drive
me: (wtf!!!) give me if u don care!, i don mind it.
vic: its either that or beetle
me: (WTF!!? i need to work for the rest of my life to get that)y not beattle?
vic: dono lah... my dad la and my bro wanna try the bmw
me: bmw??!!
vic: mini cooper by bmw
me: u lucky ass
vic: its red btw..
me:(shit!!!) NICE!!

lesson of the day: you can only drool on rich ppl's fortune, or if u lucky enuf, u might b able at least to touch it. =(

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