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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

when one slap u on the left, give them u r right side

crazy. thats probably the word to describe this semester.it started off, during the holiday with the break up, and then followed by the holiday with the bestest of frens,a new house, a new place, and the failure of finals, the supplimentary test and a crazier twist to Manila for Austral,the clubs, and the time to get wasted, looking at pot the first time, and now the barring. come to think of it, i've most of the thing that should NOT be done in uni, like faling exams, taking supplimentary paper, and get barred. my dad said, " if you dare to do it ( bad things) then u gotta prepare yourself to face the music ". although i do wish the math lecturer do have some "heart" but in the end who could have blame them as they live on numbers and 1 + 1 is ALWAYS = 2 for them. even convincing the police from getting me arrested is not so hard ( no money involve)

to b disappointed, i could only point the finger to myself, to miss those classes. no excuses. the worst case scenario is i won't be able to grad in time with my frens. hopefuly the subject is offered next semester as been said by mr.yap. even if the need to extend, there are still come silver lining to it, as i could TRY to retake other subjects, to improve my grades- well, somehow you gotta make the best out of a bad situation huh? though i hope it wont burder my parents so much. so thats, thats for that subject. some might happen to have better luck than me, even if they don't attend to class as often, still their attendence is good. though luck.

looking back, i've remembered how i "fail" my cadet pilot test. to tought that come to my mind is, having everyone living as neighbours at SK, as that was the place initially that we all planned to stay. thinkin that what could have been and the fun that i would miss. well, the equation of flying don't carry much weight anymore, but to just blew the test.i do value my friendship, though i know i could be really blunt and frank sometimes, though some might think, i don really appreciate my friendship. it just not nice when ppl think they got me figure out. now probably the prospect of me wont b joining them for grads. "the road not taken" often be the epitome of my life in uni..

with all that aside all i could do now i focus on my finals. anyways, mom flew off to hanoi last week. i do hope she have a graet time. well, its time for her to have a well earn holiday. though it is not some high end luxury holiday, but then again, u can find something special at the least expected places.

the relationship with brother is a bit getting tighter. ever since i helped him out. well, he been a bit nice and we talked more than usual, and even discuss some of his personal matter. and also with dad, even though he is busy and always travel around, and with mom away, he do need some listening ear. and there is juicy to hear, i have to say. with sister, well, we always been tight, so m still considering to talk to my parents on her behalf.

brother decide to take me out for dinner on sunday night before sending me back to uni. wll my first trip to carls jr. its not bad, but not as great as yin would rate it. but den again, she always exereggate. met Anis there, one of my kickboxing instructor. was a bit akward as he was the one serving me. i know something he do is all good, earning an honest living, but den again, somewhere in my heart i feel bad about him serving me and clean the table.

got a sms from ashley last last week whether am free for saturday dinner. a suprising msg, though it will b the first time we officially met after its all over. minus the time i fetched amar from her hse. was akward to see her new bf is there. have nothing much to say bout that, though i know lots of others have lots to say. all i could say is, wishing her all the best, and take good care of herself.

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