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Saturday, September 20, 2008

stop this shit

aren't you tired of shit like this?

c'mon, this is the year 2008, and its not the 60's or 70's where u can get away with racial slur. its so tiring and sickening to read all of these thing about the country, our neighbours probably be laughing at us, as we fight with each other. so those who is in the power struggle to "lead" the country, just grow up, stop pointing fingers, stop playing mind games, as what all of the propaganda of all the political party, let it be the government or the opposition, everyone says they are here for the good of the rakyat, well, take a hard look at yourself everyone, the good of the rakyat is at the very core. which is peace and harmony and back to our own country basic, the warga "malaysia"

we all belive in peace, and all we care about is having a great time with each other, and mix with whoever we want, and NOT the race or color,different ethinic or belief....we could care less if you're malay, chinese or indian or whatever or wherever u come from, now... thats the suara of this rakyat.

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