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Monday, September 15, 2008

happy vs sad news, stuck in the middle

" write to me k?" she said at a tone that well, can be said full of sadness and sincerity, after giving me a hug at the hotel lobby. all i can tell her is .. "k" was thinking why din't i asked her to stay around with me at the hotel till her flight the next day, only even if its for a day.

then the sun rose, i woke up from my sleep, i know that wasn't a dream. because that what really happen when i said bid my goodbye to her at Astoria's lobby. though it happened months ago. i know she will go back to Japan and taking her exam and then moved to the states to further her studies. never expect that she will have a time to write. but she did. but then again she stopped. and now she write again, saying she is at New york.

well goodbye is always hard, sadly i have to say goodbye to one of my good friend this week, who is flying to the UK to further his studies. there are lots of them who flew away, mayb they are busier than me thats y they don't have the time to catch up, though when they are back, there are some meeting up session.

its been an up and down road today. the day start off great, with the lecturer loving the presentation, thus good marks are expected, A+? then as i heard the night before about one of MMu's student passed away. though i don't know that guy personally, there are lots of material enough to read to show what kinda a fella he is. plus, losing someone, a friend or a loved one, forever, is really sad and hurtful, thus i feel for his family, and friends.

another good news is, that i received a replied e-mail from Tony.its about how i shared my idea to improve the service and maybe bring the airline further. though its not some award winning idea, its good to get a reply for my feedback, shows that they really take feedback seriously.

while reading the star online today, another piece of good news is..

yes! , the world's most famous musical is coming to town during mid december. what an idea for the family's christmas plan. am very very sure that dad will agree.
its been a quiet and chilly everning, with the kinda cool whether, finger crossed, for everything to be fine. sigh...

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