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Thursday, September 11, 2008

love guru

phew! thats a close one. just got myself off the hook from being match make. all the sudden, my cousin's gf try to match make me. no matter how nice people can be, really, my interest currently is not there. not saying that am a turning into a gay, and have no what so ever interest in girls, but there are none that caught my eye yet for the time being. maybe the kind of girl that i seek for is, those well, could be crazy and at the same time be sensitive,not too overly sensitive. intelligence, and hard working woman with tons of drive. i dono,somehow, those smart girls and at the same time they could take care of their look, have been really pulling my attention. though looking back at the mirror, i do have to step up lots of level, if i ever want to be on par with them. they say, if u love someone, accept them for who they are, but for me, i know myself more than anyone else, thus, i know there are lots of area i need to work on, let it be on education, confidence, charisma, manners, attitude and also habbit to name a few.

in an ideal world, of course we all seek for an ideal case, but den again, all or almost most of the thing in this blog that i stated, turns out the oppposite. as for girls, they come when they come, for right now,there aint anyone yet.

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