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Sunday, September 14, 2008

happy mid autumn festival

now 5 am, and presentation at 9. oh crap, din sleep yet. you see, staying up late and having something to do in the morning, is like playing blackjack, when u get 12-13, too lil to stop playing and can card can burst too. or can get black jack.

so here i am typing blog, since prae not teman-ing me up this time. poor thing slept at 9pm and get up at 3pm the next day.busy busy girl.

well its the mid auttum festival on sunday night. i dono y but this year there IS actually a celebration. even at home,even at a mini scale.went back to cyber around 10 pm, for group discussion for presentation. after a sleeepy... talk bout the coding, we open up our mooncake, well most of it is from Pei Se, and one from each me and JJ. Kean invite everyone to go play lantern. ahhh.... its been dono how many years since i played one. maybe even 10 years ++ ? we went to the putrajaya bridge overlooking the convention center. well, did things that arent suppose to do, but what ever happens remains there, plus there are some well, i can only describe it as "highlight of their life". probabaly b sleeping with the a big smile.

i don really know what the story behind the mid auttum festival, but it is celebrated kinda on a big scale in country like China and Vietnam. only last friday i heard about "sambal mooncake", i was thinking i might get punk'd or something, but that thing really exist. and then i went back home.. i got :

"durian mooncake" all the way from Bkk. i was thinking, " hermmm... the effect of globalisation" personally got nothing against the variety of flavor, but den again, i like my mooncake the old traditional way. lotus and only lotus, mayb with the yoke, but den again, don really like the yoke, (colestrol) .

nice mid autumn celebration, everyone had fun, and lots of laughter, not to forgetting...

happy b'day nat! the big 20

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